Negate Facet Value Filter Command


The syntax for the negate facet value filter command is:

negateFacetValueFilter(<facetField>[, <value>])

The default value for value is all values, if unspecified.


The negate facet value filter command negates the facet value filter specified if a value is present. If no value is present and only a facet field is given then all facet value filters for that facet field will be negated. After negating facet value filters, this command calls clearAllPaging().

Example - Using the add facet value filter command

This negate facet value filter command negates all ContentType facet value filters,
and negates the north america SubjectTerms facet value filter,
and it resets paging on the facet fields and page number:,or,2,15&s.ff=SubjectTerms,and,2,15&s.fvf=ContentType,Book

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