Remove Range Filter Command


The syntax for the remove range filter command is:

removeRangeFilter(<fieldName>[, <minValue>:<maxValue>[:<inclusive>]])

The default value for the range is all ranges, if unspecified.


The remove range filter command removes the range filter specified if a field name and range are present. If no range is present and only a field name is given then all range filters for that field will be removed. After removing range filters, this command calls clearAllPaging().

Example - Using the remove range filter command

This remove range filter removes the 1991 to 2000 range filter,
and it resets paging on the ContentType facet field and page number:,or,2,15&s.rf=PublicationDate,1991:2000&s.cmd=removeRangeFilter(PublicationDate,1991:2000)

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