Quick Reference

Query Parameters

Type Syntax Defaults Occurrence
Text Query s.q=<textQuery>   many
Text Filter s.fq=<filterQuery>   many
Range Filter s.rf=<fieldName>, <minValue>:<maxValue>[:<inclusive>] inclusive=true many
Facet Value Filter s.fvf=<facetField>, <value>[, <negated>]   many
Facet Value Group Filter s.fvgf[<id>]=<facetField>, <combineMode>, <value1>, <value2>...   many
Facet Field s.ff=<facetField>, <combineMode>[, <pageNumber>, <pageSize>] pageNumber=1, pageSize=10 many
Range Facet Field s.rff=<fieldName>, <minValue1>:<maxValue1>[:<inclusive1>], <minValue2>:<maxValue2>[:<inclusive2>]... inclusive=true many
Page Number s.pn=<pageNumber> pageNumber=1 once
Page Size s.ps=<pageSize> pageSize=15 once
Sort s.sort=<field1>:<order>, <field2>:<order>... sortByRelevancy once
Highlight s.hl=<boolean> true once
Highlight Start s.hs=<value> <h> once
Highlight End s.he=<value> </h> once
Debug s.debug=<boolean> false once
Did You Mean s.dym=<boolean> true once
Holdings Only s.ho=<boolean> false once
Open Access Filter s.oaf=<boolean> false once
Command s.cmd=<someCommand>   many


Command Effects
Global Commands
clearAll() Resets the entire query as if passing an empty query string
clearSearch() Calls clearAllTextQueries() clearAllSearchTerms() clearAllTextFilters() clearAllRangeFilters() clearAllFacetValueFilters() clearAllPaging().
i.e. Reset the search but leave sort order, params, flags, page size and facet fields intact.
setDidYouMean(<boolean>) True by default whenever setTextQuery() addTextQuery() setSearchTerm() addSearchTerm() are called. Can be used to counter that default.
setDebugging(<boolean>) Toggles debug mode
setHighlighting(<boolean>) Toggles highlighting
setHighlightDelimiters(<startValue>, <endValue>) Sets highlighting delimiters
setHoldingsOnly(<boolean>) Toggles holdings only mode and calls clearAllPaging()
Paging Commands
clearAllPaging() Sets query.pageNumber=1 and calls clearAllFacetPaging()
clearAllFacetPaging() Sets facetField.pageNumber=1 for each facet field
removeFacetPaging(<facetField>) Sets facetField.pageNumber=1 for a given facet field
setPageSize(<pageSize>) Sets query.pageSize=<pageSize> and calls clearAllPaging()
setFacetPageSize(<facetField>, <pageSize>) Sets facetField.pageSize=<pageSize> for a given facet field and calls removeFacetPaging(<facetField>)
goToPage(<pageNumber>) Sets query.pageNumber=<pageNumber> and calls clearAllFacetPaging()
movePage(<pageDelta>) Calls goToPage(query.pageNumber + <pageDelta>)
nextPage() Calls movePage(1)
previousPage() Calls movePage(-1)
goToFacetPage(<facetField>, <pageNumber>) Sets facetField.pageNumber=<pageNumber>
moveFacetPage(<facetField>, <pageDelta>) Calls goToFacetPage(<facetField>, facetField.pageNumber + <pageDelta>)
nextFacetPage(<facetField>) Calls moveFacetPage(<facetField>, 1)
previousFacetPage(<facetField>) Calls moveFacetPage(<facetField>, -1)
Text Query Commands
clearAllTextQueries() Clears all text queries and calls clearAllPaging()
removeTextQuery(<textQuery>) Removes <textquery> and calls clearAllPaging()
setTextQuery(<textQuery>) Replaces all text queries with <textquery> and calls clearAllPaging()
addTextQuery(<textQuery>) Adds <textquery> and calls clearAllPaging()
Text Filter Commands
clearAllTextFilters() Clears all text filters and calls clearAllPaging()
removeTextFilter(<textFilter>) Removes <textfilter> and calls clearAllPaging()
setTextFilter(<textFilter>) Replaces all text filters with <textfilter> and calls clearAllPaging()
addTextFilter(<textFilter>) Adds <textfilter> and calls clearAllPaging()
Range Filter Commands
clearAllRangeFilters() Clears all range filters and calls clearAllPaging()
removeRangeFilter(<fieldName>[, <minValue>:<maxValue>:<inclusive>]) Removes range filters by <fieldname> or <fieldname>, <minvalue>, <maxvalue>, <inclusive> if all arguments are present and calls clearAllPaging()
setRangeFilter(<fieldName>, <minValue>:<maxValue>[:<inclusive>]) Replaces all range filters with the new range filter and calls clearAllPaging()
addRangeFilter(<fieldName>, <minValue>:<maxValue>[:<inclusive>]) Adds the new range filter and calls clearAllPaging()
Facet Value Filter Commands
clearAllFacetValueFilters() Clears all facet value and group filters and calls clearAllPaging()
removeFacetValueFilter(<facetField>[, <value>]) Removes facet value filters by <facetfield> or <facetfield>, <value> if both arguments are present and calls clearAllPaging()
removeFacetValueGroupFilter(<id>[, <value>]) Removes facet group filters by <id> or <id>, <value> if both arguments are present and calls clearAllPaging()
setFacetValueFilters(<facetField>, <value>[: <negated>][, <value>[: <negated>]]*) Replaces all facet value and facet group filters with the new facet value filter and calls clearAllPaging()
addFacetValueFilters(<facetField>, <value>[: <negated>][, <value>[: <negated>]]*) Adds the new facet value filter and calls clearAllPaging()
addFacetValueGroupFilter(<facetField>, <combineMode>, <value1>, <value2>...) Adds the new facet value group filter and calls clearAllPaging()
negateFacetValueFilter(<facetField>[, <value>]) Negates facet value filters by <facetfield> or <facetfield>, <value> and calls clearAllPaging()
Sort Commmands
setSortByRelevancy() Clears all sort fields and calls clearAllPaging()
setSort(<sortField1>:<sortDirection1>, <sortField2>:<sortDirection2>...) Sets sort fields and calls clearAllPaging()
reverseSortOrder() Reverses the order of each sort field and calls clearAllPaging()
Facet Field Commands
clearAllFacetFields() Clears all facet fields
removeFacetField(<facetField>) Removes the indicated facet field and calls clearAllFacetPaging()
addFacetField(<facetField>, <combineMode>[, <pageNumber>, <pageSize>]) Adds a new facet field with given combine mode, page number and page size or the defaults and calls clearAllFacetPaging()
addRangeFacetField(<facetField>, <minValue1>:<maxValue1>[:<inclusive1>], <minValue2>:<maxValue2>:[<inclusive2>]...) Adds a facet field for the given set of ranges and calls clearAllFacetPaging()
listFacetValues(<facetField>, <combineMode>) Adds the facet field and calls clearAllFacetFields() setPageSize(0) setHighlighting(false) setParameter(countFullText, false) addFacetField(<facetField>, <combineMode>, 1, 100)